The Benefits of Upskilling Staff Computer Skills

The Benefits of Upskilling Staff Computer Skills

As of late 2018, the global usage of Microsoft Office 365 was at 56%. This is an increase of 22% from 2016, which means as of now, the majority of businesses most likely use this suite of programs.

While most of today’s population has familiarised themselves with Microsoft Office programs since childhood, some may not be as confident. Because of this, they may face some difficulties at work.

If you’re a business owner or manager, you should consider the benefits of upskilling staff computer skills not just for your employees’, but for yours as well.

Interested in hearing more? Then read on. We’ll discuss all the benefits you’ll get from staff computer training in Microsoft Office.

You'll Get Better Productivity in the Workplace

According to Gartner, around 80% of employees don’t have the necessary skills required for both their current and future jobs.

It’s a well-known fact that many job applicants will exaggerate their skills, meaning they may not be as knowledgable when using Microsoft Office as you may think. As a result, you might have a workforce that’s not operating at its full potential or maximum efficiency.

Providing staff computer training allows you to get every employee up to speed, all without exposing and embarrassing employees who aren’t skilled at using this particular digital suite. In the end, you’ll have a workforce that is knowledgeable and efficient at daily business tasks.

Even if the majority of your employees already know how to work programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel, they can always learn new features and shortcuts they may not have known about.

For instance, corporate computer training classes for Microsoft Office aim to teach the best and quickest ways to achieve certain tasks. These classes provide a fresh and experienced view on performing computer tasks, which can help immensely with both new and veteran staff members.

It Makes Learning Other Tasks Easier

If your workforce has a basic foundation of knowledge when it comes to Microsoft Office, it’ll make it easier for them to learn other tasks in the future when these programs are inevitably upgraded.

By having your staff trained in the basics of Microsoft Office, this will make it much easier for them to adapt to new changes when they’re added.

With the release of new software updates regularly, conducting Microsoft Office training benefits those experienced users by exposing them to new features that can help streamline their workflow.

There Will Be Better Morale in the Workplace

When employees feel like they’re not suited to handle a task, their morale can go down. This can, in turn, cause productivity to lag.

By providing things like Microsoft Office training, you can help staff members build confidence in themselves. A proficiency in daily business tasks will raise morale, as your workers will be ready to tackle anything.

Plus, if you show that you care about employee growth, your staff will be appreciative of these ongoing learning opportunities. If staff feel like you’re genuine about helping them succeed, then they’ll be happier at work and will be more motivated to work hard.

Your Employees Learn Valuable Work Skills

As we’ve mentioned above, the majority of employees don’t have the right skills for both their current and future jobs. It’s important that yours have the right knowledge and training to handle any task given to them.

With just a few classes, your employees can learn valuable work skills that they’ll carry on for the rest of their careers.

When they’re promoted within the business, this means you won’t have to spend extra funds to get their skills to an acceptable level, as they’ll already be adept at using Microsoft Office. This can save you both time and money when you compare promoting within your business to hiring someone new.

Investing in your employees means investing in your company!

You'll Save Money

It’s true that you have to initially put in some money to conduct staff computer training within your business. But in the end, you’ll save money.

When your employees are self-sufficient and can navigate the Microsoft Office suite of their own accord, this means there’s less time spent asking each other questions and figuring things out. Tasks will be finished in a fraction of the time they used to take. Higher productivity means less waste for your company.

What Software Training Classes Are Available

Of course, you can always provide your workforce with a basic Microsoft Windows training course. But what if you want to go beyond that? Beltan’s here to help!

Other Microsoft courses we have include ones on:

If your staff needs some assistance with web design, we also offer courses on WordPress.

We have over 19 years of experience and we’ll bring the training to you. We’ll send a professional to give customised on-site staff training to make the most of your time.

We also offer a free online skills analysis tool. That way, not only are you sure that you’ve enrolled your staff in the right course, but we can also get a good idea of what everyone’s skill levels are.

Enjoy the Benefits of Improving Staff Computer Skills

As you can see, improving staff computer skills for Microsoft Office only comes with a myriad of benefits. Not only can you help your employees grow, but you can also streamline workflows since your staff will be better trained and skilled.

Think of computer training courses as a small investment that’ll take your business much further in the future. You’ll only be setting yourself and your workers up for success!

Would you like your staff members to go through Microsoft training courses? Contact us for more information including pricing for groups of 1 to 10 participants.

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