Microsoft Forms Training Course

Learn how to use Microsoft Forms as part of your Office 365 subscription.

Our instructor-led training course aims to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the Microsoft Forms applications.

Microsoft Forms provides an interactive way to create your own online surveys, quizzes and polls. Collect information from your responders and then analyse the information as needed. Perfect for use in any organisation or within the a classroom setting to allow teachers to assess student learning.

Every course can be tailored to include the subjects you are most interested in or which will help you to streamline your use of Forms.

What is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms provides users with the ability to create their own surveys, quizzes and polls online. Collate information from your responders easily and then analyse the information. 

Microsoft Forms allows you to act on feedback or answers and provides a powerful survey solution for Office 365 users.

You can share forms or quizzes with specific users or open access to the public. For schools, create your own self-marking quiz and have students complete answers online using a variety of answer options including multiple choice, text based, dates, rankings and more.

Course Overview

  • Login to Microsoft Forms
  • Explore the Forms window
  • Explore the use of Forms
  • Create a new Form
  • Set a Form title and description
  • Assign a Form image
  • Apply a Form theme
  • Explore Theme ideas
  • Add a choice-based question
  • Add a text-based question
  • Add a rating-based question
  • Add a date-based question
  • Add an option-based question
  • Add a file upload based question
  • Create a new Quiz
  • Add various questions
  • Assign points for each question
  • Allocate correct answers
  • Set options for a quiz
  • Assign permissions for a form or quiz
  • Edit options such as start and end dates
  • Randomize questions
  • Set notification options
  • Share a Form using a link
  • Share a Form using a QR code
  • Embed a form in a web page
  • Email a link to a form
  • Share as a template

Course Includes

Skills Analysis


We come to you

Hands-on training

Email Support

Real-world examples

Course Pricing

Pricing as of 1st July 2019. All prices are exempt of GST. All prices are PER SESSION, not per person.

Microsoft Forms can be run as a half-day workshop or combined with another Office 365 app to form a full day of training.

Number of participants Investment (Half Day)
1-on-1 Training $350.00
2-3 participants $455.00
4-6 participants $560.00
7-8 participants $665.00
9-10 participants $1,015.00

Above costs are for training conducted within the Sydney region and is subject to travel fees dependent on location. Pricing provides a guide only and will be confirmed at time of booking enquiry.

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