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Practical, hands-on and tailored computer training courses that improves the skills and abilities of your employees. Discover our flexible and cost-effective training options that allow you to upskill your staff – from one team to everyone in your organisation.

Why offer your staff professional development?

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A technologically proficient workforce provides your company with a competitive edge.

Course Delivery Options

Our training courses offer flexibility, allowing participants to choose between in-person or online sessions. In-person classes provide a traditional classroom experience, fostering direct interaction, while online courses offer the convenience of learning from anywhere. Whether seeking a hands-on approach or the flexibility of remote education, our programs are designed to empower individuals with essential skills and knowledge.

Face to Face Courses

Online Courses

Our Training Courses

Taught in-person or online with live interaction by experienced trainers, our courses are tailored with your goals and staff schedules in mind.  Convenient and flexible, your employees can extend their learning no matter where they are located.

Microsoft 365 Courses

Web Design Courses

Why Choose Us

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"Communicated the course fundamentals very effectively. Belinda was lovely and very knowledgable."
Stacie H.
- Microsoft Teams Training
"Belinda was very knowledgeable of the subject and was good at tailoring the training to suit the way we use the software."
Mitch H.
- Microsoft Excel Training
"This course exceeded my expectations. Belinda did an amazing job! Can't wait to apply all I have learned!"
Claudia H.
- Microsoft Word Training
"Engaging presentations in the class. Practical tasks are delivered so that we can use it for work."
Alan C.
- Microsoft PowerPoint Training
"Was a very valuable course to have attended. Has filled in so many of the gaps. Great examples given."
Danielle C.
- Microsoft Visio Training
"The course was extremely practical. The trainer was brilliant (thanks Belinda!) - her passion for Excel was evident and she was able to explain all concepts clearly, she was patient with all questions, and instructions were easy to follow."
Vanessa L.
- Microsoft Excel Training

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