Professional Development for Educators

Teacher Professional Learning

We believe in the transformative power of education. Our mission is to equip teachers and support staff with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the modern classroom.

As a Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner, we are dedicated to providing high-quality professional development courses across the Microsoft 365 suite.

Microsoft 365 Mastery

As a global training partner, we bring you cutting-edge courses focused on Microsoft 365 applications, ensuring that educators are proficient in leveraging technology to enhance the learning experience. Our curriculum covers:

  • Microsoft Forms: Learn to create engaging surveys, quizzes, and polls to gather valuable insights from students.

  • OneNote: Explore the powerful note-taking capabilities, collaboration features, and digital organisation tools of Microsoft OneNote.

  • PowerPoint: Unleash the full potential of dynamic and captivating presentations with advanced PowerPoint skills.

  • Sway: Master the art of visual storytelling using Microsoft Sway, creating interactive and visually stunning presentations.

  • Teams: Foster collaboration and streamline communication in the classroom with Microsoft Teams, a hub for teamwork.

Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner

Microsoft in Education
Global Training Partner

In-School Training Courses

All courses are conducted as private onsite sessions so that teachers do not need to travel elsewhere. We bring the training to you.

One-on-one or Group Sessions

Learn one-on-one or include other staff for group training sessions. Groups of up to 10 people available.

Effective Targeted Training

Utilise our FREE skills analysis to identify staff skills gap and undertake targeted training in the areas your staff need help.

Courses and Learning Paths

As a Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner, we have access to Microsoft’s educational resources, training materials and curriculum content.

Courses can be run as stand-alone sessions or mapped against modules from the Microsoft Learn Educator Centre catalogue.
Teachers then earn credits towards a desired Microsoft Learning Path.

Microsoft Forms Computer Training Courses

Microsoft Forms Fundamentals

Master the art of creating surveys, quizzes, and polls to gather valuable insights from your students. This course covers the basics and advanced features of Microsoft Forms.

Microsoft OneNote Computer Training Courses

OneNote for Educators

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft OneNote for classroom organization, note-taking, and collaboration. This course equips you with practical skills to integrate OneNote into your teaching toolkit.

Microsoft PowerPoint Computer Training Courses

PowerPoint Mastery in Education

Take your presentations to the next level with advanced PowerPoint skills designed specifically for educators. Learn to create engaging and visually appealing content to captivate your students.

Microsoft Sway Computer Training Courses

Visual Storytelling with Sway

Discover the art of visual storytelling using Microsoft Sway. This course guides you through creating interactive presentations that engage and inspire your students.

Microsoft Teams Computer Training Courses

Collaborative Teaching with Teams

Transform your classroom into a collaborative hub with Microsoft Teams. This course teaches you how to effectively use Teams for communication, collaboration, and organization.

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