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We have been building websites for over 15 years and in that time we have seen some consistency in questions we are asked. We have created this FAQ list to answer many of those questions and to give you a little more insight into the world of website design.

We build all of our websites using an open-source content management system (CMS) called WordPress.

WordPress now powers more than 42% of the web. Its large market share is because of it’s flexibility and ease of use.

WordPress provides a nice user interface which means that our clients can edit their own content and add images as needed to their website instead of needing us to do it for them.

Many people associate WordPress with blog based website. It is therefore assumed that WordPress is not suitable to use for website design where a blog is not required.

Many of our clients choose not to include a blog section within their website but yet WordPress still provides the same robust functionality for a business to run their website, ecommerce and more.

There are actually two versions of WordPress available and we have outlined these versions on our blog site. 

We design all our websites using the version which is 100% free to download and use for commercial purposes. There are however costs associated with domain name registration and website hosting. There are also costs if you decide to use premium paid themes or plugins within your website. Many clients opt to use free themes and plugins which is perfectly fine.  Any additional costs are outlined prior to your website development so that you can decide if/when you want to pay for these additional functions.

We are commonly approached by clients who wish to utilise our website design services and have an existing website on another platform such as Wix.  Whilst we do not work with Wix based websites, this doesn’t mean we aren’t familiar with the platform. We have moved several clients away from Wix and over to a WordPress based website.

We believe WordPress is a far more superior platform to use for website development. Whilst Wix does provide a simple drag and drop interface, it does not provide you with functionality you can attain in the long run by using WordPress.

Don’t take our word for it, check out this comparison of WordPress and Wix by WPBeginner.

Yes! We wouldn’t develop websites which aren’t. Having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever! 

The way in which we use our mobile phones or tablets is forever changing and so it is important that your website looks just as good on a device as it does on a desktop computer.

There’s no short answer for this question. I like to use the analogy of buying a car, how much does a car cost? That depends on what features you want, if you want metallic paint and the electric windows and mirrors.

A website design is quoted based on the requirements of each individual project. We design and develop websites specifically for your business.  You may only want a very basic one page website, or you may want a very complex website with online shopping capability and more. Most of our sites run in the $500 – $5,000 range, but can be more or less depending on needs.

To make pricing easy we have 3 basic website packages you can choose from. These packages range from a basic one page website through to a website with an online shop. These packages are just a basis and depending on your needs we will customise our proposal to suit your requirements. You can view the package options here.

Most projects start with a 40% deposit followed by a 30% payment at the half way point of the project. The remaining 30% is payable upon completion of the website design and prior to the website launch. 

You will be provided with an invoice for your project upon acceptance. We accept direct deposit payments only in AUD$.

This answer again comes down to your actual website needs. We can create a basic one page website in one day or it may require more in-depth design work which may mean 4-6 weeks for development.

Our eCommerce (online store) websites take approximately 2 weeks to create. This time will vary from project to project. How much input you can provide during the initial stages, your availability with content, images and feedback. All these elements affects the speed of completion. 

You will be provided a time line along with your website design proposal.

Yes, absolutely! You will be able to take control of your website and manage it on your own. Upon completion of your website, we will provide you with resources to assist in editing your own content ongoing. We also provide you with a training session to help get you on your way.

We can if you prefer! We provide on-going support for many of our clients. Check out our WordPress Care Plans which means that we take care of updates to WordPress, plugins and themes so you don’t have to worry about it. Included in our care plans, is 1 hour of technical support per month in case something goes awry and you need assistance.

Usually the answer is you. You are the expert on your business and as such the content, or text, should come from you. If you do not feel confident writing compelling text to use on your website, we can recommend a professional copywriter who can help write original content for your website. This will incur an additional cost.

In short, no! However, there are many free stock image options we have available for high quality images.

You will at the least need to provide images such as your logo and site icon along with any product images etc. 

We also have a vast range of professional stock images (paid licences) we can access and these can be included in the scope of your design if needed. 

All images provided must be your own or used under a creative commons license.

Website hosting is the term used to describe the storage of your website files. It is a crucial element of any website. There are several factors which should influence your choice of website hosting provider.

When it comes to website hosting, cheaper is not always better, and we also tell clients that you should not believe every ad you see on TV, especially if “Alf Stewart” is talking about his bottled sauces! *wink*

We have several Australian and International web hosting providers we use and recommend depending on the needs of your website. We can either point you in the right direction for you to set up these services yourself, or take the stress away and set up all services on your behalf.

All websites we design are registered with Google Analytics and related services so you will be able to track visitors across hundreds of different demographics and variables.

We use SEO (search engine optimisation) best practices during the design of your website.

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