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Feel like you have lots of questions about our services? Check out these frequent questions and gain some insight into us. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us to discuss your queries.

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Are the courses hands-on or theory based?

All our courses are conducted hands-on with all participants having access to their own computer. Participants are provided with sample exercise files which are used throughout the day to provide relevant examples of how you can utilise various software features within a real work scenario. We firmly believe that if you don’t touch and play with the features of the software that your information retention from the course will suffer. Practice makes perfect!

What options do you have for online courses?

We are able to offer all of our usual face to face courses via online delivery methods. We offer courses via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. All online courses include the same content that would be covered in a face to face course and include the ability to ask questions and interact with the trainer.

For more information see our Online Courses page.

How do we know which level of training to book in for?

If you are unsure which level of training would best suit your staff, we offer a pre-course skills analysis where participants complete a simple survey online. Based on the results, we then offer recommendations about which level of training each of your staff should undertake. This service is provided at no cost.

Where are the courses conducted?

All course are either conducted within our client’s premises, such as a boardroom, or we can source a local venue for the day. Venue hire fees may apply.

Do you hold publicly scheduled courses?

No, we provide customised onsite training within our clients’ premises such as a training room or boardroom. If a suitable location is not available, we can arrange the use of a local venue. Additional venue hire costs apply.

Are your trainers qualified?

Yes. We only use trainers who have qualifications including the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE40110) along with qualifications and experience in the individual program being taught. For 99% of our courses, your trainer will be Belinda Anderson who holds the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment as well as being a Microsoft Office Specialist across the many versions of Microsoft Office. Add to this over 19 years’ experience in the training industry and we guarantee you will have a positive training experience.

Do you provide a certificate of attendance?

We sure do. You will receive a certificate of attendance to display in your resume.

Do you provide training materials?

Participants have the option to purchase a detailed training manual as part of any of our training courses. Additional fees apply for training manuals and are not included in our training fees. We use Watsonia Publishing for our training manuals and can provide discounts for higher volumes of training resources.

Do you provide training resources?

Yes, we sure do. Although many of our training sessions are mapped against the training manuals, there are many little tips and tricks we provide during training which are simply “not in the book”. This is where our blog website steps in to fill some of those gaps. Additional training resources can be printed or downloaded as a PDF from our blog website at www.thetraininglady.com. The website is updated regularly with new articles based on questions we receive during training.

Do you provide computers?

Most of our clients’ prefer to use their own computers during training sessions. We do have a small number of laptops available for hire during training sessions. Hire fees may apply.

Do you provide support after the course has finished?

We sure do! Participants are provided with on-going post course support via email. We do not place any time limits on this support so it is available ongoing. All we ask is that post course support queries remain related to content covered during your training session.

Does each participant need a computer?

Ideally yes. All our training is conducted as a hands-on session where participants have access to their own computer with the relevant program installed. Participants will undertake exercises throughout the day to reiterate new skills and techniques learned. We do not just “demo” the skills – we will show you how and why a feature works and then have participants use that feature for themselves. We firmly believe if participants don’t touch and use the feature then they won’t retain the information ongoing. Imagine trying to drive a car without sitting in the driver’s seat, we learn best by doing.

How long does each course run for?

Most courses are based on a 1-2 day schedule with classes starting at 9:00am and finishing around 4:00pm. We can customise these times to suit individual client needs and offer half-day or shorter sessions where required. Nothing is set in stone, so we are happy to work around your time frames.

How many people per course do you recommend?

We recommend a maximum of 10 people in any course. Although it may seem like a good idea to include as many participants as you can, it is important to remember that more participants can equate to less content being covered along with less one-on-one assistance. Larger groups also mean a broader range of existing skills within a course which can again affect the amount of content covered. If you have a couple of people over the suggested maximum of 10, e.g. 12 or 13, we recommend splitting the class into two and running the same course twice to gain the most of the course. Contact us to discuss your needs further.

I am an individual, do you run courses for just one person?

Yes, we do run training for private one-on-one sessions. These sessions provide the added bonus of having the trainer all to yourself – no sharing. It also allows us to utilise real working files so that the training is conducted with realistic scenarios. Participants are encouraged to bring copies of files which may be causing issue or difficulties so we can help you sort them out during your private session. Contact us for individual session rates.

I feel confident using the program, but want to improve my efficiency, are your courses suitable?

They sure are! Even participants who have been using the various programs for years will learn new and faster ways of completing tasks. We often hear “I wish I’d know about that two weeks ago!”. The Microsoft products and WordPress are forever evolving and so processes you may have been using for years, may now have a faster and more efficient way you can approach them. We are very focused on being able to improve your efficiency within your daily work tasks. We focus on the use of shortcuts and faster ways to approach common tasks. Contact us to discuss your needs further.

We have used the program for years, should I do the advanced course?

Not necessarily. The course levels are not related to how long you’ve used a program for, but more so the features you are utilising. We see many people who have used the programs for many years but are only utilising a small portion of the features available. Even participants who have used the various programs for years will learn new and faster ways of completing tasks. We often hear “I wish I’d known about that two weeks ago!”. We are very focused on being able to improve your efficiency within your work life. We focus on the use of shortcuts and more productive ways to approach common tasks.

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