WordPress maintenance & Care plans

WordPress Maintenance Care Plans

Do you need support for your WordPress website?

Just as you need to keep your technology and software up to date, so to do you need to keep your WordPress website up to date. You have invested time and money into the creation of your web site and so it makes sense that you ensure the ongoing maintenance of that site is taken care of.

WordPress regularly release updates to their platform which include security updates and bug fixes. Alongside WordPress your site will also receive notifications to update plugins and possibly your theme (if applicable). So who is going to keep your website up-to-date?

We provide WordPress care plans for clients either as a monthly or fortnightly subscription. Care plans are charged in 6 month blocks in advance.

Why you need to maintain your WordPress website

I know you are probably sick of businesses trying to sell you “products”. We are a small business so we completely understand that sometimes the “bills” never end. For those business owners who are looking at either creating a new website or wish to rejuvenate the one you already have, you need to factor website maintenance into your yearly budget and here is why.

WordPress is an amazing content management system, we’re a big fan! We liken any website to the purchase of a new car. It’s an investment which will keep giving for years to come. But it is not going to run smoothly and without hiccup, unless you service it regularly.

Like any new car you need to perform regular services on your website to ensure it is safe should the worst happen such as a security breach, website hack, virus infection, or complete failure of your website hosting services. 

WordPress core files along with WordPress theme and plugin developers, regularly release updates which are designed to correct any bugs which may be identified along with security issues as they arise. These updates are important. They should be installed on any website in a timely manner. This is where our WordPress Care Plans kick in. Our services are just like having your own “NRMA Roadside Assistance” program but for your website! We take care of all updates on a fortnightly or monthly basis and monitor your website to ensure your backups are successful and there are no issues. We even include 1 hour of free technical support per month so that if something does go awry, you have someone ready to fix it.

Plan Options

Care Plan 1

Monthly Care Plan
$ 25
  • Monthly Backup
  • Monthly Core Updates
  • Monthly Plugin Updates
  • Monthly Theme Updates
  • 1-hour technical support

Care Plan 2

Fortnightly Care Plan
$ 40
  • Fortnightly Backup
  • Fortnightly Core Updates
  • Fortnightly Plugin Updates
  • Fortnightly Theme Updates
  • 1-hour technical support
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Security Scanning

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