WordPress Webmaster Course

For those webmasters who need to learn new skills to manage an existing WordPress website.

Course Description

The WordPress Webmaster training course aims to give participants a thorough understanding of how to manage an existing website built with WordPress. Participants will cover how to create new content, manage existing content, add pages to navigation menus, upload and manage images and media types, manage website backups and security, integrate Google Analytics, and much more.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for staff who have been given the role of webmaster. A webmaster may not need to learn design skills or how to build a website from scratch however you do need to know how to manage existing content on the website, how to add new content, manage media and images, manage backups and security and more.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the WordPress Webmaster training course you should be able to:


The WordPress Webmaster course assumes a basic knowledge of WordPress. You should be able to login to the WordPress Dashboard, and navigate the dashboard interface.

Course Duration

Our WordPress Webmaster course is conducted over 1 day, however, can be customised to suit the needs of the participants.

Course Overview

  • Posts vs Pages
  • Create a new blog post
  • Publishing Options
  • Using the Block Editor
  • Using Post Layouts
  • Assign categories and tags
  • Use Featured Images
  • Edit existing blog posts
  • Create a new page
  • Use Parent pages and child pages
  • Page Attributes
  • Use Revisions
  • Edit an existing navigation menu
  • Use different menu link options
  • Explore the Media Library
  • Upload media content
  • Add image Alt text for SEO
  • Create an image gallery
  • Upload audio and video
  • Embed video from other sources E.g. YouTube or Vimeo
  • Create text-based hyperlinks
  • Create image-based hyperlinks
  • Set hyperlink options
  • Keep WordPress up-to-date
  • Strategies for updating multiple sites
  • Keep plugins and themes up-to-date
  • Edit commenting options for individual posts
  • Edit commenting options site wide
  • Incorporate anti-spam options for commenting
  • What is a Widget?
  • Edit existing website widgets
  • Edit existing content or subscription forms
  • Manage form entries
  • Edit existing product information and pricing
  • Mark items as out of stock
  • Add a new product
  • View new and pending orders
  • Manage website backups
  • Manage website security

Course Includes

Skills Analysis


We come to you

Hands-on training

Email Support

Real-world examples

Course Pricing

Pricing as of 1st July 2019. All prices are exempt of GST. All prices are PER SESSION, not per person.

Number of participants Investment (per day)
1-on-1 Training $500.00
2-3 participants $650.00
4-6 participants $800.00
7-8 participants $950.00
9-10 participants $1,200.00

Above costs are for training conducted within the Sydney region and is subject to travel fees dependent on location. Pricing provides a guide only and will be confirmed at time of booking enquiry.

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