WordPress Introduction Training Course

The WordPress Introduction training course is part of a 2-level study program. This course aims to give participants a thorough understanding of the basics of using the market-leading content management system, WordPress. Participants will cover all basic aspects of the platform beginning with setup and installation right through to an introduction to customising CSS code.

At the completion of the WordPress Introduction training course you should be able to:

  • understand the system requirements for running WordPress
  • confidently login to your WordPress website
  • install, activate and customise a theme
  • create posts and pages
  • use the Block Editor
  • manage categories and tags
  • create custom menu structures
  • work with media files including images, video and audio
  • create useful hyperlinks
  • keep WordPress up to date
  • configure and use the built-in commenting system
  • manage user accounts
  • install and activate plugins
  • customise basic CSS code

Our WordPress Introduction courses are generally conducted over 1-2 days, however, can be customised to suit the needs of the participants.

Course Content

Introduction to WordPress

  • Setting up WordPress using a localhost
  • Exploring the WordPress Dashboard
  • Customise Settings


  • Working with Themes
  • Parent vs Child Themes
  • Activate a Theme
  • Using the Theme Customizer


  • Posts vs Pages
  • Create a post
  • Publishing Options
  • Using the Visual Editor
  • Change Post Layouts
  • Work with Categories
  • Work with Tags


  • Create a page
  • Parent pages and child pages
  • Page Attributes
  • Use Revisions


  • Create your own menu structure
  • Assign menus to different locations
  • Use different menu link options


  • Create internal hyperlinks
  • Create external hyperlinks
  • Set hyperlink options

Update WordPress

  • Keep WordPress up-to-date
  • Strategies for updating multiple sites
  • Keep plugins and themes up-to-date


  • Understand the Media Library
  • Upload media
  • Add media details including alt text
  • Edit an image within WordPress
  • Understand Media Attachment Pages
  • Create an Image gallery
  • Upload audio and video


  • Configure basic commenting options for posts
  • Use Comment moderation and blacklists
  • Set commenting for individual posts and pages
  • Use the Akismet plugin


  • What is a Widget?
  • Use custom theme Widgets
  • Add a widget
  • Use built-in widget types


  • Manage User accounts
  • Edit your own profile
  • Create a new user account


  • Install and configure a plugin to Backup WordPress
  • Install and configure a security plugin to secure your site
  • Install and configure a simple form plugin

Customise your CSS

  • Introduction to basic CSS syntax
  • Finding the CSS code
  • Change CSS code site-wide

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