Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced

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    Navigating around the PowerPoint interface

    Create a new presentation from scratch

    Insert new slides

    Use Design Themes

    Add text and numbers to a slide

    Apply a slide transition

    Preview a slide show

    Run a spell check

    Apply font and paragraph formatting

    Use bullet and numbered lists

    Move and resize a placeholder

    Adjust slide layouts to suit content

    Insert SmartArt graphics

    Insert and edit Shapes

    Reuse Slides from another presentations

    Add Speaker Notes to your presentation

    Insert Slide Numbers

    Print a presentation

    Print Handouts and Notes pages

    Apply a Theme

    Customise Theme colours, fonts and slide backgrounds

    View the Slide Masters

    Change the Master Styles

    Create custom slide layouts

    Use an existing template

    Create a template

    Insert and modify a Chart

    Use the PowerPoint Designer

    Insert and modify Pictures

    Enhance Pictures using colour correction and affects

    Insert an online video

    Insert and use Action Buttons

    Apply animations to objects

    Customise animation timing and triggers

    Set advanced Slide Transition options

    Import content from other presentations

    Create a self-running presentation

    Use Rehearse Timings

    Create a Custom Show

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