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Instructor-Led PowerPoint Online Courses

We’ve all had to sit through a boring PowerPoint presentation. Don’t make your audience want to sleep while you present. Let us show you how to utilise the amazing features of Microsoft PowerPoint to create engaging and interactive PowerPoint presentations. 

Use Microsoft PowerPoint outside the box by utilising it’s features to create staff induction training content, information slides, newsletters, infographics, diagrams and lots more.

For schools, Microsoft PowerPoint perfectly integrates to use in the classroom with students to create digital portfolios, choose your own adventure storybooks, board games and more.

Our PowerPoint online courses provide the flexibility to offer training to staff in different locations all on the same day and time.

Why not put PowerPoint to the test and see how dynamic your next presentation will be.

Microsoft PowerPoint Online Training
PowerPoint Online Short Courses

Live Instructor-Led Courses

All courses are live instructor-led sessions allowing for the same interaction you receive in a face to face course. No pre-recorded videos.

One-on-one or Group Sessions

Learn one on one or include other staff for group training sessions. Groups of up to 10 people available.

Effective Targeted Training

Utilise our FREE skills analysis to identify staff skills gap and undertake targeted training in the areas your staff need help.

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Microsoft PowerPoint Online Courses

Explore our range of PowerPoint courses to learn new skills online or create your own course based on staff skills and requirements. Our online training is 100% customisable.

Courses can be conducted in any PowerPoint version including PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint 2019 and PowerPoint 365.

Microsoft PowerPoint Computer Training Courses

PowerPoint Introduction

- Full day course (1 day)

Undertake our Microsoft PowerPoint for beginners to explore the PowerPoint environment. Learn how to use the basic features of PowerPoint including how to create a new presentation, add slides, use slide layouts, add visual elements including text, bulleted or numbered lists, images, SmartArt graphics, shapes and more. Explore how to present a slide show presentation and learn real-world tips on what to avoid.

Microsoft PowerPoint Computer Training Courses

PowerPoint Intermediate

- Full day course (1 day)

Our Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate course will take you beyond the basics of creating a presentation and explores how to work with themes, view and modify slide and notes masters, use tables and charts, edit images from within PowerPoint, work with video and audio media and how to use animations. You will also gain insight into the various presentation features including rehearse timings and on-screen tools.

Microsoft PowerPoint Computer Training Courses

PowerPoint for the Classroom

- Full day course (1 day)

In this session, we will specifically dive into key features of Microsoft PowerPoint which can be utilised within a classroom setting. Features which provide students with an engaging way of working with information including 3d model animations, media and action buttons, how to build a board game such as Jeopardy, or create your own “choose your own adventure storybook”. Perfect for students to create their own portfolio and more.

Online Course Pricing

Our bespoke online courses allow you to pick and choose the content for your session. We provide a cost-effective way of training small teams or larger groups.

Pricing as of 1st April 2024. All prices are including GST.

Number of participants Cost per day
1 participant $605.00 inc GST
2 participants $781.00 inc GST
3 participants $957.00 inc GST
4 participants $1,133.00 inc GST
5 participants $1,309.00 inc GST
6 participants $1,485.00 inc GST

Contact us for pricing with 6+ participants.

Online courses are conducted using Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 

Course Includes

Skills Analysis

Take advantage of our free online skills analysis prior to your training to ensure you’re enrolled in the right course.


After completing the course you’ll receive a certificate to show off your new-found Microsoft PowerPoint knowledge.

Online Learning Platform

Online learning available via Microsoft Teams or Zoom platforms.

Hands-on training

We’re big believers in hands-on learning so you’ll be building your skills in real-time with live demos and practice exercises.

Email Support

Access unlimited support following your training course to build on your learning and ask any burning questions.

Real-world examples

There’s nothing better than working through real-world examples to reinforce learning and increase your confidence.

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