Microsoft Excel 2016 Introduction

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Understand spreadsheet concepts and terminology
Confidently locate and open workbooks on the computer
Customise the Excel environment
Edit existing data including being able to overwrite cell contents
Highlight columns or rows adjacent OR not adjacent to each other
Use copy techniques to duplicate or move content
Create formulas to add, subtract, multiply and divide
Use Functions including SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, MIN and MAX
Use Relative (B4) and Absolute ($B$4) cell references
Use various formatting functions including Format Painter
Create a series or pattern using AutoFill
Use the Flash Fill feature to extract or combine data
Apply number formatting including currency and percentage
Customise column and row heights and hide columns or rows
Perform number and text column sorting
Apply filters to columns
Print a worksheet, range or entire workbook
Create a basic chart using different chart types
Locate sources for help to solve issues using Excel

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