Microsoft Outlook Introduction

Course Description

Microsoft Outlook Introduction is part of a 2-level study program. This course is designed to provide participants with the skills to be able to send and receive emails, schedule appointments and maintain contact information.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of Microsoft Outlook Introduction you should be able to:


Microsoft Outlook Introduction assumes little or no knowledge of the software. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system.

Course Duration

The Microsoft Outlook Introduction course is run over one-day but can be customised to suit your needs.

Course Overview

  • How Email Works
  • Email Addresses
  • The Benefits of Email
  • Email Etiquette
  • Emails and Viruses
  • Digital Signatures
  • Starting Outlook
  • Common Outlook Elements
  • Customising the Outlook environment
  • Navigating between the Outlook screens
  • The Outlook Today screen
  • Email in Outlook
  • Compose a new mail message
  • Check Spelling
  • Add an attachment
  • Set the Importance
  • Create an Autosignature
  • Use CC and BCC
  • Retrieving Email
  • Preview Messages
  • Reading Messages
  • Reply to a Message
  • Forwarding Messages
  • Insert a File Attachment
  • Attach other Outlook items
  • Preview Attachments
  • Save and open Attachments
  • Flagging Messages in the Message List
  • Sending a Message with a Flag
  • Adding a Reminder to your Messages
  • Changing the Default Quick Click Flag
  • Removing a Flag
  • Spamming and Junk Email
  • Phishing and Junk Email
  • Understanding Junk Email Options
  • Marking Messages as Junk
  • Marking Messages as Safe
  • Mangaging Safe Senders List
  • Deleting Junk Email
  • Accessing the Calendar
  • Changing the Calendar Arrangement
  • Displaying Specific Dates
  • Navigating with the Calendar
  • Changing the Current View
  • Creating a second time zone
  • Creating a new Calendar
  • Sharing Calendars
  • Understanding the Weather Bar
  • Understanding People view
  • Viewing your Contacts
  • Creating a new contact
  • Entering Contact details
  • Inserting a Contact Picture
  • Adding Contacts for an existing company
  • Printing Contact details
  • Tasks and the To-Do List
  • Creating Tasks
  • Changing Task Views
  • Sorting Tasks
  • Working with Tasks
  • Deleting Tasks
  • Printing a Task List
  • Using Tell Me
  • Access the Help window
  • Using Google to get help

Course Includes

Skills Analysis


We come to you

Hands-on training

Email Support

Real-world examples

Course Pricing

Pricing as of 1st July 2019. All prices are exempt of GST. All prices are PER SESSION, not per person.

Number of participants Investment (per day)
1-on-1 Training $500.00
2-3 participants $650.00
4-6 participants $800.00
7-8 participants $950.00
9-10 participants $1,200.00

Above costs are for training conducted within the Sydney region and is subject to travel fees dependent on location. Pricing provides a guide only and will be confirmed at time of booking enquiry.

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