Learn Excel Shortcuts

Learn Excel Shortcuts

I LOVE shortcuts, there is no doubt about it. Every single course I teach covers some of the shortcuts available within the program and I reference these throughout the day. If you want to learn the best Excel shortcuts then look no further. Here are the best shortcuts for Excel plus an easy to print PDF version to help you lock these into memory.

Warning: Do not try to learn these all at once! Pick out 4 or 5 which you feel you will use the most, focus on those and locking them into memory before you pick the next 4 or 5. Before you know it, you’ll be shortcutting like a pro.

To download a PDF copy of this list, see the download link at the bottom of the page.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel

Ctrl + N = New workbookCtrl + mouse wheel = Zoom in and out
Ctrl + O = Open workbook via backstage viewAlt + F4 = Close the program
Ctrl + F12 = Open workbook via Open dialogF1 = Launch Help
Ctrl + S = Save workbookF2 = Edit current cell
Ctrl + P = Print previewF4 = Repeat last action/set Absolute cell reference
Ctrl + W = Close current workbookF7 = Spell Check
Ctrl + A = Select allF11 = Create a quick chart
Ctrl + Z = Undo last actionF12 = Save As
Ctrl + Y = Redo last actionCtrl + Home = Go to top of worksheet
Ctrl + X = CutCtrl + End = Go to last cell in worksheet
Ctrl + C = CopyCtrl + Shift + ~ = Apply General number format
Ctrl + V = PasteCtrl + Shift + $ = Apply Currency format
Ctrl + B = BoldCtrl + Shift + % = Apply Percentage format
Ctrl + U = UnderlineCtrl + Spacebar = Highlight current column
Ctrl + I = ItalicsShift + Spacebar = Highlight current row
Ctrl + F = Find/SearchShift + Home = Highlight current cell back to column A in row
Ctrl + H = Replace TextCtrl + Shift + Home = Highlight current cell back to cell A1
Ctrl + G = Open Go To dialog boxCtrl + Shift + End = Highlight current cell to last cell in worksheet
Ctrl + K = Insert hyperlinkCtrl + Page Up = Move between worksheets
Ctrl + E = Flash FillCtrl + Page Down = Move between worksheets
Ctrl + 1 = Display Format Cells dialog boxTab = Move to the next cell
Alt + Tab = Switch betwen open programsWindows key + E = Launch File Explorer window


Why learn Excel shortcuts?

A common question I hear is “Why do you teach us Excel shortcuts?“. 

The answer to this question is simple. Shortcuts will improve your productivity.

When you use the computer we are constantly moving between the keyboard and the mouse. Each of those movements interrupts the flow of our work and means our brain must break away from our thinking to then let us know we need to go and use the mouse to do something.

If we can then lock some of these powerful Excel shortcuts into long term memory we will start to see an almost “muscle memory” affect where we don’t need to think about apply different formatting options, or changing text alignments, or navigation around our workbook. Our brain will simply allow us to include these steps in amongst our thoughts without the need for us to break concentration.

The more time on the keyboard the better! 

Download a Printable Copy

Now that you’ve seen some of the most useful Excel shortcuts, how on earth are you going to remember them? Don’t worry about writing them down, click the button below to download a PDF copy now. Either save the file for future reference or print out a copy and place it near your computer screen for quick and easy reference.

Want to learn more about Excel?

If you love feeling productive then why not explore the Excel courses we have on offer to ensure you know how to use the many features of Excel to improve your efficiency on a daily basis. Our Excel courses range from introduction for beginners right through to advanced functions for those who are ready and willing. 

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